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Legal Disclaimer - Hikma Employment Openings

There have been a number of recent incidents of fraud involving individuals and organizations offering false employment opportunities at Hikma. We take such matters extremely seriously, together with the security of candidates’ personal information. Please be advised that:

  • Candidates can confirm all genuine Hikma employment openings at https://talents.hikma.com/.
  • Hikma will only correspond with candidates from verified “@hikma.com” email addresses.
  • Hikma will never ask for money transfers or payments from candidates in order to secure a job position, nor financial information of any kind during the application process.
  • Hikma will not extend an application process or make an employment offer without a formal interview process

Please exercise extreme caution if you receive a communication which does not appear genuine. Hikma will not be held liable or responsible for any kind of claim, loss, damage, cost or expense incurred in connection with an employment scam.  If you are concerned about the legitimacy of any communication from or representing Hikma, please contact us at https://www.hikma.com/contact/ prior to taking any further action. Please contact your local authorities if you believe you are the victim of a fraudulent employment opportunity.