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Title:  Technician, Metrology Calibration


The role of a metrology calibration technician is closely connected to the precise science of measurement. They have a wide range of responsibilities within a laboratory environment; most importantly, they apply their knowledge of measurement science and mathematics to properly calibrate all inspection, measurement, and test (IM&T) equipment to ensure that such equipment meets all requirements for accuracy and precision. Other responsibilities performed by a metrology calibration technician include collecting, analysing, and summarizing any data obtained from the calibration process, as well as accurately preparing calibration reports, adapting calibration equipment for new or unusual measurement tasks, and correcting any measurement errors as soon as they have been identified.


  • Regular and predictable onsite attendance and punctuality.
  • Advising non-related departments on technical matters, training subordinate colleagues in calibration procedures, and maintaining the cleanliness and general upkeep of the laboratory environment.
  • Assist in maintaining the lab calibration and conduct calibrations on all lab equipment.
  • Research and make recommendations for new equipment or parts.
  • Maintain, troubleshoot, and repair lab equipment when necessary.
  • Manage and maintain the documentation of all calibrations and investigations for potential calibrations.



  • Minimum: 
  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Technical school


  • Must have knowledge of algebra to solve measurement-related issues and decide how to address measurement errors
  • Knowledge of basic electronics and basic computer skills (Word and Excel) are essential in this occupation



Dayton, NJ, US, 08810

Nearest Major Market: New Jersey

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